Bruce Lee Residence

Hong Kong

Bruce Lee Residence Competition

Bruce Lee Residence
Bruce Lee Residence Bruce Lee Residence Bruce Lee Residence Bruce Lee Residence Bruce Lee Residence Bruce Lee Residence

After a period of learning, training and performing, Bruce Lee died an obscure death, leaving behind media, techniques and to a lot of people even a life style. The early loss can not be compensated, but a place as a symbol of his life and the memory can be designed. One can say, that Bruce Lee’s life can be “extended” by completion of the memory.

The tour through the museum follows Bruce Lee’s life, represented by the different rooms. His special diets will be shown in the former kitchen, while his custom training machines will be shown at the gym. In this way the ground level is a transition space form the public outer world to the private life of Bruce Lee. When walking upstairs, the more private part of the exhibition takes place. Information on his family and his personal fascinations and studies will be shown.

From the master bedroom, the visitor enters the memorial tower, representing the highlight of his life. The tower core can be seen as part of the building, and therefore doesn’t exceed the height of the original building. While the sculptural mesh, filled with different memorial media (photos, movie clips) exceeds the building height and fuses with the endless sky, representing the everlasting legacy of Bruce Lee.

The visitor exits the media tower trough the shop, ending up underground in a dark hallway. At the end of the hallway is a light. When arriving at the carp pool, the visitor will memorize the highlight of Bruce Lee’s in the nothingness, due to the architectural intervention of reflecting the memorial tower in the ground.


project team:

Joeri van Ommeren
Filippo Maria Doria

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